Back to me! 

U find urself pleasing people When u have always prided urself 

In marching to the beat of ur own drums 

Somehow along the way 

It was easier to conform then to be u 

But as u look back was it easier? 

Or simply a cop out? 

Constantly question ur decisions…

As if others opinions really have any weight 

Thru all the ups and downs 

U made it here with rare and fews 

That supported decisions made 

But in no form or fashion infringed in ur thought 

It’s that time to completely erase this version of u

Place it up top on a shelf where no one can find

And be true to urself 

The u that u have always been 

The u that conforms to those bitty bopping ideas

The u that questions the world while breaking way 

Creating new paths where no one imagined them 

Fighting with actions not words and fists 

Sitting back and laughing for that moment 

When suddenly ur weird or crazy is suddenly acceptable 
I am tired of fighting for all the wrong reasons 

For reasons oblivious to myself 

I will fight for me and mine 

I will fight the dreams that have yet to one true 

I will fight for all those things that have been yanked from being 

I will fight for my heart 



Do u know when love is real? When ur willing to go thru all the heartaches and pain right along the side of the person u claim u love 

Love is knowing that there are good days and bad days but no matter what each other’s arms is the safe haven it’s the one place in the world that makes time pass so fast it’s the one place that drowns out all the noise 

Love are the tears streaming down your face when reason has no answers 

It’s fighting the confusion and deceit created by the life we live 

It’s holding on to that pounding in your chest at the mere sight of their face…

It’s your heart beat responding to theirs 

Knowing that’s exactly where it belongs 

When everything else is wrong but they are so right 

When a few seconds can calm the inner most demon inside of u 

When their happiness means more than any possible thing on earth!! 

Oh sweet poison

Let the warm scotch warm my veins Pause My broken heart 

Fill the void of my thoughts 

Invigorate my inner voice 

Numb all emotions and feelings 

Oh sweet poison 

Take me away from this place 

Let me dream of days gone by 

Of days I wish I had

Oh sweet poison 

Erase the pain of my memories 

Breathe life into my shattered soul 

Let my body sway to the rhythm circulating within 

Let my heart beat to the pulses of your brown skin 

Dear old scotch be my friend tonight 

When voices go unheard and people unseen