It’s hard to see the light when so much dark surrounds us You can feel it seeping thru the cracks 

Trying to take over the room 

But the shadows fight back 

Overpowering the brightness 
It’s hard to fight in the dark 

Where the enemies are unknown 

Where stumbling and falling is likely 
Where the breach of light far in a corner invigorates us to forget how much darkness surrounds us 

Makes us forget all the possible ways that we can get hurt 

Makes us want to find more blinding intoxicating brightness 
An abyss of black and blues that swallows us whole 

But that beacon of hope makes a sliver on some faraway corner 


I pray

In the darkest hours
I pray
During the happiest moments
I pray
Sometimes I pray out of routine
Sometimes out of gratitude
Always for guidance
I pray for small things
I pray for little things
I pray with tears in my eyes
I pray with a smile on my face
What started out as a chore years ago
Is now a routine
From the moment I wake
Til the moment I lay my head
I pray out loud
I pray in silence
It makes no difference to me!
I pray to an unknown face
That holds my hand
That soothes the wild beast inside
That calms the nerves sprung on me
That shines light in dark crevices
That make shadows disappear
That plays music to heart
I pray and pray some more
I pray for strength to continue on
I pray for love when all I see is hate
I pray for understanding in all the chaos
I pray for clarity in the smoke filled rooms
I pray for the healing of all the pain
I pray for serenity when energies are disbursed
I pray for life and all it has to give
I pray
I pray
I pray for you and I pray for me!


Underestimate Me!

Been sitting in a corner for a while
Watching people passing by
Listening to a lot of bla bla bla
It’s about that time

Gave y’all enough room
To make up ideas to make up lies
Underestimating the ram in me

Let the shadows overpower me
Strapping me to the far end of the room
Silencing the voice that hid deep inside of me

Been hiding for a while
Playing the meek and shy
Neutered from drive from daring

Defiant to my true nature
Playing the role of bland vanilla
Knowing damn well a Rocky road

Fiery nature subdued by the yippy yap
Capture by your minus signs
Vultures feeding on my scars and wounds

Conquering the dreams that I know are mine
Strengthening the ground I step on
Spreading the wings that you have tried to clip in every which way

Been playing defense for far too long
Stepping up and stepping out
Singing my lullabies from way up high
Veins racing with power cusps
Paving ways of passion
Leaving y’all winded

Midnight Ramblings-truth and honesty

I pride myself in truth and honesty!
I rather stay quiet then to lie…
sometimes I tell the truth in such a way that people take it as I am joking but I am far from it.
Being honest with others is not hard, it comes naturally!
Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to because I have no problem answering!
The hardest person to honest to is yourself! Allow yourself to truly feel what you don’t want to feel or what ur avoiding! Opening up your eyes to the realities that surround you!
Being honest with yourself is sometimes having to torture yourself into seeing things you don’t want to see into listening to things you just don’t want to!
It’s hard to be honest with yourself when your rebellious nature makes you determined to believe what you want to believe, when that streak in you says no you got this!
Because that grasp in honest makes you believe in forces other than yourself! Makes you believe in all the good the world has to offer!
Because the truth is I am not as dark and sinister as I have convinced some,
I seek truth
I believe people change, not that I change them but that people can change if they choose to and there is always a choice.
I believe you can truly be anything you choose to be because we were made in a perfect image!
I believe that we create the world around us!
But we must be true and honest with others and ourselves in order to make our world exactly as we want it!


In the darkest hour
There is always a sliver of light
That finds it’s way thru the smallest of crevices
Light that refuses to be ignored
It shimmers and glimmers
Until it’s acknowledged
Casts shadows in dark corners
To expose it’s secrets to the world
Stands out no matter the size
For it’s power is grande and beautiful
No matter how small it may be