Long ago in a land faraway Lived a girl a small naive sheltered girl 

That found adventure and passion 

In sounds and melodies from artists hearts 

Smiles and tears from lyrics sometimes unknown to her 

She hmmmm to songs of love and hate 

She discovered escape routes from her daily 

When it hurt the must she would sing at the top of her lungs to songs that spoke to her soul 

While the world around her crumbled 

She created fantasy stages where she would wow the world with strings, percussions, notes 

With every sunrise and sunset, she embraced rhythm and blues with a little hard bass 

When reality became too harsh for her years 

The beating of the drums took her away on trips far far away 

And every time she felt that she lost a little more of her innocence, she belted doooo reeeeee meeee faaaaa sooooooo until she drowned out all the other sounds 

She encrusted her souls with melodies and rhythms from all around the world to create her own symphonies! 


Empty Spaces 

In the symphonies of words Said by the people that surround me 

I find empty spaces And ticking time bombs 

Moments filled with Pandora boxes 

Enticing beats to stray your focus 

Words so intoxicating that they seem reality 

But it’s all fools gold 

Scheming to make you take the wrong path 

The path that your soul knows doesn’t belong 

Oooooo these promises of nothing but chaos 

Keeping me away from the goals set on stoke with my name on it 

None belong to me! 

I have read a thousand books 

Sang about a million lyrics 

But none of those words belong to me 

I have felt every stanza 

Cried every lyric 

But none of those words belong to me 

For the words that belong to me 

Go unnoticed, sometimes unsaid 

Letters in a dairy 

Essays on a text 

Thoughts on a blog 

But those words I hear over the radio 

Those words I touch on paper 

They touch so much of the words I never say 

They speak for my words without a voice 

Symphony of letters that surround me 

That give way to those thoughts of we 

The we, the he, the she

Gives life to sound and sound to letters 

I have recited numerous poems 

Hummed a million melodies 

But none belong to me!