Here’s to…

Here’s to the dreamer in you That doesn’t know how to give up 

That thru the tears and frustrations 

Continues to fight 
Here’s to the fighter in you 

Whose tenacity propels you forward 

To places that you never even dreamed of 

Whose strength compares to no other 

Because to what some is broken to others it’s shedding dead skin 
Here’s to the believer in you 

Whose faith in self and others allows you to keep moving forward when all you see is an abyss 

Seeking for something that no one else sees 
Here’s to the lover in you 

Who continues to believe in people 

Who continues to fight for all those values that today seem unicorn like 

Who dream and achieve exactly what they are seeking 
Here’s to you 

Here’s to me 

For trying everyday to be 




Here’s for getting up every time we get knocked down 

For defying the labels and stigmas attached to every “failure” 

For pushing past the insignificant shadows and nay Sayers 

For liberating ourselves of all the dead weight 

Here’s for being human 

And erring every step of the way 

And allowing the tears to wash away the pain to be 




Here’s to us! 


Faith and Hope

I lost my faith a long time ago And everyday I find hints of it 

In the faces of those I love 

In vague faces of humanity 

In the essence of the earth 

In the mere coincidences of life 
It’s easy to loose hope in humanity 

When darkness tries with all its might to succumb you 

I find light in words 

I find light in simple gestures 

I find light in warm embraces 
Fragile creatures are hope and faith 

When us mere humans place them on names and places 

Names of individuals that have no hold on us 

Places that hold no stake for us 
In the name of hope and faith I have done a number of things 

Some that have made me who I am 

And some that I regret with all of my being 
I have learned that I am a child of the wind and the ocean 

And I must have faith in the constant change they continuously provide me 

But find hope that they guide me in the way I am suppose to 

And at the strongest and deepest of changes, I have no one to hold my hand but me